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What Does a Broker Website and the Super Bowl have in Common?

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What Does a Broker Website and the Super Bowl have in Common?

broker website and super bowl

Every National Football League head coach carries around a playbook during the course of each game. It is the content contained within this valuable reference tool that distinguishes Super Bowl teams from those who attempted to achieve such greatness. For successful real estate brokers, content that should absolutely be included in their playbook comes in the form of the 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness study.

The Real Estate Broker Website “Convert Visitors into Buyers and Sellers” Playbook

Conducted by the WAV Group, the study details the “plays” real estate companies need to execute to attract new clients to their websites. Some of the “plays” mentioned in the study include social media, mobile, and SEO marketing.

The “plays” bring prospective clients to your broker real estate website.

How do you convert your broker website visitors into new clients?

Converting Real Estate Broker Website Visitors in Closed Transaction Plays

According to the 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study, you should focus on three important broker website effectiveness metrics.

  1. how long visitors spend on your website.
  2. how many pages they access.
  3. what pages they visit.

The above metrics are very good measurements that will allow you to uncover problematic real estate performance issues. Website issues that are harming your ability to convert online visitors into actual buyers and sellers.

Go to your Google analytics right now.

Use the above metrics to make educated adjustments to convert your broker website’s visitors into qualified buyer and seller leads for your agents and closed transactions for both your agents and your company. Do it now!

How to Convert on Fourth Down

NFL head coaches lie awake at night devising ways to convert fourth downs into first downs that sustain offensive drives. You do not need to lie awake at night trying to devise ways to convert your website visitors into new clients. Allow RealWITS to formulate the strategies that build the level of trust and credibility required to convert your realtor website visitors into new home buyer and seller clients. We can show you how to create website content that not only converts your website visitors, but also energizes your new clients enough to spread the word about your real estate company.

If you have questions or need guidance assessing your broker website metrics, let the friendly people at help. They are always just a phone call away to answering your questions with straight-forward advice.

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