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Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing Truths For nearly 10 years, I have had the great fortune to speak with and work with some of the greatest people I know, about growing their businesses…. real estate brokers. These engagements and conversation have primarily focused around online marketing. After all, what business would not financially benefit from an authoritative online presence?  10 years ago, most brokers were reluctant to invest in online marketing as a viable tool to accomplish ongoing business duties such as recruiting and retaining top agents, growing brand recognition and increasing sales.  In an attempt to provide evidence, validation and change their Read more

Today, it is not a secret that home buyers begin their property searches online. When a real estate company website exceeds web visitors expectations there are numerous benefits. Google Shares: Real Estate SEO Tips While this video is slightly technical, it provides brokers with an insider peek behind their companies real estate website from a SEO perspective, or should I say Google’s perspective? Real Estate SEO Tips Straight from Google Real Estate Website Optimization Takeaways Does Your Real Estate Website Satisfy Your Audience’s Needs? In addition to selling more homes there are other advantageous benefits often not associated with a Read more