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Smarter Real Estate Company Websites: An Honest Educational Series about Internet Marketing Intelligence for Brokers

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This educational series titled Smarter Real Estate Company websites is brought to you by me, Randi Thornton, founder of realWITS and also known online as the SEO Google Guru.

I have overcome many challenges to succeed online and it is my goal to educate real estate companies and brokers about real estate internet marketing by provide straightforward answers to confusing or complex website questions.

Helping Brokers with Intelligent Internet Marketing by Examining the Real Estate Company Website

real-estate-company-websitesI have been fortunate enough be the SEO consultant for some of the greatest real estate companies. During the course of this time it became apparent to me that “what Realtors don’t know can hurt them.”

Brokers and real estate company owners are confused about internet marketing best practices as it pertains to their website, which I truly believe should be their number one business asset.

Both buyers and sellers begin their real estate search online. The real estate company that appears on page one of Google when a buyer or seller begins that search has a major advantageous above their competitors.

I also believe a real estate company does not need to have deep pockets like Trulia, Zillow or other major online real estate portals to become the local online real estate expert or go to resource in their local market place.

Achieving top search rankings on Google has financial rewards and it takes time and commitment, there are no short cuts. I want to encourage Brokers to not give up on their visions, getting found online by both buyers and sellers in their local market, thus recruiting and retaining the best agents, reducing wasteful marketing dollars and closing more real estate sale transactions.

What is a Smart Real estate Company Website?

A smart company’s real estate website is intelligent. It has the following 4 main attributes:

1.) Real Estate SEO Friendly

It is SEO friendly so it can properly communicate with Google and have a better chance of obtaining organic top search ranking on Google.

2.) Easy to Update

It does not require an IT department to make updates or minor changes. A website for real estate should be a living breathing thing and not left as set it and forget it.

3.) Impressive Design

It has an impressive design. A well thought out design that portrays professionalism, is easy to navigate and is photocentric.

It must attract and convey trustworthiness to an online visitor to make them feel comfortable about working with your Real Estate Company or brand. It must be extremely simple for that visitor to quickly find what they came for while also presenting listings in such a fashion that makes them want to learn more about those listings.

4.) Lead Generator

A smart real estate company website is a lead generator. It provides value, keeps its online visitors engaged, offers enticing reasons for a visitor to return, captures contact information and auto-sends relevant data to prospective buyers and sellers.

In this Smarter Real Estate Company website educational series I will deliver actionable ideas and concepts to turn a regular company real estate website into a smart company real estate website.

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