RealWITS Smarter Real Estate Websites Announcement: We’re About to Go LIVE

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realWITS: Preparing Upcoming “Website for Real Estate Companies” Launch

I have been busy the past several months putting the final touches on the realWITS website in preparation for its official launch on April 2nd 2013. I am very excited to share with the World how I plan to help brokers grow their online marketing with “smarter” real estate company websites. In an effort for others to become familiar with me and realWITS I want to share some highlights.

The Truth and Only the Truth

The number one purpose of this new venture is to educate the real estate industry by exposing both the good and the bad online marketing tactics used by brokers and real estate companies today.

Over the course of the past 4+ years while working closely with real estate companies as their SEO consultant, I have had an insiders behind the scene view of a variety of real estate website platforms. It became obvious brokers and company executives did not have enough knowledge to make informative decisions in regards to which vendor or hosting company was chosen to develop and maintain, what I consider their number one business asset, their website.

The Top 4 Areas of Concern

  1. website structure was not SEO friendly and this had an impact on search rankings outcomes,
  2. how little control a user had over the website including the ability to make modifications and updates,
  3. technology was not updated regularly forcing companies to run a website on outdated systems,
  4. modern website layouts, look and feel were missing, leaving companies to fall behind online big real estate portals.

Change Is Hard

Wouldn’t brokers like to know what improvements could be made to their website that would have a positive effect on their online marketing efforts?

Couldn’t this knowledge impact online marketing, lead generation, agent recruitment, closed sales and profitability?

realWITS_AnnouncementThere are not many times in life when I feel inadequate about making decisions but when I walk into a car dealership I get uneasy.

Buying a new car should be an exciting time, but I know the car salesperson or manager on duty that day will know more than I do about car sales.  Because of this my guard immediately goes up. I do not want over pay or make a bad purchasing decision. Similar to a real estate companies website, once the final decision has been made to move forward, there can be consequences for making changes.

If I over pay for a vehicle and want to make a change, it will cost me more. Likewise, making corrections to a bad website involves time, energy and money regardless if the existing vendor makes the improvements, or the broker decides to move to a new vendor.

Transparency is Good

In addition to website preparation, I have been busy writing my career journey autobiography. It was important for me to let others know how I became fascinated with real estate websites, what my qualifications are and how to get to know me better. As I reflect back, it surprises me how fast time goes by, therefore I am thrilled to make this announcement, an announcement about a project I have wanted to do for several years.

The realWITS Founder: An Autobiography
Learn more about Randi’s journey and why she felt compelled to take action and create realWITS with the tag line… “smarter” online marketing with websites.

Stay tuned for upcoming educational tips to learn how to make improvements to websites for real estate companies, as well as learn more about realWITS’s vision of “smarter” websites for real estate.



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