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What is the Main Purpose of a Real Estate Website?

  • Brand awareness?
  • Recruit & retain top agents?
  • Help buyers to search for properties for sale?
  • Inform sellers why they should list their home with your company?
  • Create exposure?

Yes, all of the above all correct answers.

But what happens when a real estate website creates brand awareness, aids in agent recruitment, helps retain top agents, provides buyers with online robust property search tools, informs sellers about your superior real estate services and increases exposure to the World?

The real estate website generates property buyer and seller leads.

The purpose of a real estate website is to generate quality sales leads for agents. More leads equal more closings. This may be obvious, but what might be surprising to most, is the fact more online real estate leads are generated when the website is designed to capture leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation: Calls to Action

Frequently real estate websites are designed with standard pages such as our agents, about us, why sell with us etc. and cluttered with content that confuses the visitor. Often little involvement is devoted to the actual layout of the design based upon preferred lead capture results.

The development of real estate website design must pay close attention to two different objectives to generate maximum sales leads.

  1. The Visitor

What information is the online visitor seeking? When designing a real website the visitor intentions have to be prioritized. After defining these intents, an optimal real estate website design will cater to visitors by making it easy for them to quickly navigate to the section or pages on the website that target their desired information.

     2. The Company

Capturing visitor contact information, understanding where they are in the sales cycle, enticing them to share your content, picking up the phone to inquire about a home for sale or requesting a property market valuation are all ligament website goals for a real estate company.

Make it Easy for a Visitor to do What the Real Estate Company Wants

Incorporating suitable design elements into real estate websites increases lead generation and eliminates confusion for the visitor. Below is a screen shot of a real estate website design offered by that was developed to capture sales leads.



What Specific Calls to Action are Integrated into Your Real Estate Website Design?

Let us know below. What has worked for you? What would you change?




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