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Real Estate Website Design: Create Property Detail Pages that Convert into Closings

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Custom real estate website design allow brokers and real estate company decision makers to differentiate themselves online. Standing out online today via custom developed real estate websites not only enhances branding, but more importantly allows a real estate company to display property listings in such a manner that captures a buyer’s attention and makes them want to see more.

Create Action with Property Detail Page Real Estate Website Design

Most company real estate website visitors land on a website with one sole purpose; to browse property listings. Understanding this can help guide brokers in making informed decisions about real estate website design directly related to a property detail page.

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Besides the obvious such as the property description on a company real estate website, a property detail page must contain design elements that speak to the prospective buyer viewing the property detail page. A property detail page look and feel will have a dramatic impact on whether or not probable buyers will take action.

The real estate website design of property detail pages, can have a direct impact on a prospective buyer’s decision to want to see more.

Real Estate Website Design on Property Detail Pages Will Impact Closed Transactions

People are visual creatures. Whether a buyer is simply browsing or wants to buy a home within a few weeks, how effectively properties are displayed on a real estate website can influence an action.

Think about anything you have shopped for online. Before you dig deeper into specific product or service details an appealing web design is likely to be the driving force behind wanting to see or learn more. Before a potential home buyer picks up the phone to schedule a showing, completes an online form requesting more information or decides to save the property listing, they have viewed the property detail page.

Do Your Website’s Property Detail Pages Sell Homes?

View your real estate company’s website property detail pages and pay close attention to the design. Compare yours to the top 3 online real estate destination amongst buyers: Zillow, Trulia and Does your web design highlight and enhance the property? Are images front and center? Is it visually appealing? Do you have strong call to actions that make it effortless for buyers to save favorite properties?

It is all about the particulars.

Every design element on a property detail page should be strategically thought out. Do not leave this to chance. This is one of the most important pages on any real estate company website. It is the one that will either engage or entice the web visitor to want to learn or see more or click the back button.

Don’t Leave Anything to Chance. Let Your Visitors Educate You for FREE.

If you are uncertain if your company real estate website is optimally designed, let your visitors tell you. After all it is the visitor you need to please not the person who designed your website.

To help brokers make educated decisions about how changing the design of their website will impact sales and closing, realWITS offers free A/B testing.

A/B testing is the most reliable method to determine if an alternative website design will positively or negatively impact sales and it eliminates the guesswork. Every person who has a vested interested in a real estate websites performance should incorporate A/B testing to continually learn how grow their brokerage online through strategically incorporated website design.

Don't Leave Your Property Detail Page Design to Chance
It is too important. The web design of these pages will have a direct impact on sales.

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