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Boastful Real Estate Web Marketing: A Success Story

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I am not much of a bragger. The fact is I have always believed demonstrating my value through my results was far better than using words.

However, I just finished watching a webinar that explained how bragging can help tell a story. In my case…  stories about “real estate web marketing” results generated for companies that have put their trust me in when developing  their company real estate website or hiring me for my real estate SEO services.

So today, I decided to take a chance and brag a little.

There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction then saving my clients money and time by producing real estate web marketing results they were unable to obtain prior. I have added real value to their business. 

Real Estate Web Marketing = Happy Results via SEO & Development of a New Real Estate Website

This well respected real estate company had used my real estate SEO services for 6 months in 2012 to increase search rankings for their company real estate website. They had mediocre rankings and struggled to jump ahead of major real estate portal giants and others in their online local market space.

Real Estate SEO Results



This graph reflects their search rankings for most valuable keyword phrases after 6 months of real estate SEO.  We had seven new keywords that appeared on page one of Google, and the keywords that had ranked on page one on Google had moved up.

Both my client and I were very happy with the results.

Reading the Graph

Any black colored number listed under the Google or Bing column indicates the new ranking position. The green arrows and numbers represents the number of positions the keyword had jumped up and the red arrow and numbers represent a decline in rankings as well as the position ranking change.

We Wanted Even Better Real Estate Web Marketing Results

During the course of our 6 month SEO campaign, I completed a website SEO audit. The findings made it apparent the website was NOT built using best SEO practices. The website looked beautiful but lacked basic strategies that would limit or reduce my clients opportunities to take his rankings even higher. 

I strongly believe a website is the foundation to any successful web marketing. And I knew my clients foundation was weak. We did not want to lose our search ranking momentum and we wanted to even take them higher.

Increasing Cost to Get Best Web Marketing Results

While it is never fun to inform a client their website is a problem, I knew my client needed this knowledge to make an informed decision about I was about to propose.

A new website. A website that would cost more than 4 times what he was currently paying each month. He understood the value of maintaining and achieving prominent search placement on Google for keywords that brought home buyer and seller visitors to his website through organic search rankings, therefore he said yes.

Developing a SEO Friendly Real Estate Website

There a many factors to be considered when developing a real estate website that is equally engaging for online visitors and achieves authority from Google. I began developing the website using the realWITS platform.

It has been slightly over 6 months since the newly developed real estate website went live. To demonstrate the results below are screen shots that compare website traffic from Jan 2013 to June 2013 to the same period of time for 2012.

Real Estate Web Development Results


Real Estate Website Marketing Visitors


109.52% Increase in Web Visitors


75% of Visitors were 1st Time Visitors

This is my real estate web marketing bragging story.

While I still believe actions speak louder than words, it was fun to share a story. Do you have a story to share (even if it is boastful?)



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