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Real Estate SEO: How to Spend Less; Maximum Web Marketing ROI

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What Produces the Highest Company Real Estate Website ROI?

A real estate website WITHOUT on-site real estate SEO will not get found online. Not knowing if your site is SEO friendly will not close sales and transactions.

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Is Your Real Estate Website Designed for Maximum ROI?

Be the first in your marketplace to rocket web marketing with never before solution.

Real Estate SEO & Internet Marketing

We know that no two websites are the same so we take an unique approach to each of our clients needs and opportunities. A personalized solution is developed to match your objectives and get your website ranking in the fastest amount of time while paying special attention to best practices.

[blockquote]We know real estate – we know your struggles – we get it.[/blockquote]

We are not going to tell you how important real estate internet marketing (SEO or search engine optimization for your website) is. This is obvious. Instead we offer turn-key solutions to overcome the challenges many brokers and agents face. Increasing website traffic, leads and sales.

What is Real Estate SEO? 

Strategies to increase your search ranking for keyword terms or phrases that are relevant to your business. Individually these changes may have little to no measurable impact on your website traffic. But when you strategically implement both the well known tactics and those that are less known together, the results can have an enormous impact on your business. Because authoritative search rankings mean more website traffic.

More website traffic means more buyers and sellers. More buyers and sellers mean more business and dollars.

A complete real estate SEO campaign entails both on-site and off-site search engine optimization.

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization: Making adjustments to your website for maximum results.
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization: The process of obtaining and maintaining influencing authority on the World Wide Web.


Commonly Asked Questions about SEO for Real Estate Companies, Brokers & Agents

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How long before I see results?

Where are you now? How competitive is your market? There are no short cuts. Our free real estate SEO consultation provides you with competitive intelligence to provide us with insider data necessary to make an educated guess.

It is important to follow search engine optimization best practices. Unethical tactics could get your website banned from the search engines and this is hard to recover from.

Times are tough. I can’t afford SEO for my real estate website.

We know the current economic environment has made it difficult for many to allocate dollars for SEO. Therefore we provide a variety of pricing options. Because your online presence and popularity can play a major role in the success of your business many brokers and companies of all sizes have decided to minimize other marketing expenses and reallocate them. 

I tried SEO for my Real Estate website and it did not work. What happened?

We hear this often. There is an enormous amount of internet marketing tips, advise and information on the World Wide Web. While some is worthy there are sources that provide black hat tactics (spam or unethical) or get there quick tactics. These practices could actually harm your rankings and get your website banned from the search engines. 

Real estate SEO is complex and involves many steps. Skipping one of these steps could slow you down or hinder your results. Period.

Can I get real estate SEO for less?

Yes. There are companies that will work for less. It is always important to get credentials and talk to current clients. Choosing SEO for a real estate company that offers cheaper rates may not get maximum results and could cost you more time and money in the long run. We take the time to get to know your business and website marketing needs and execute a campaign that utilizes best practices to protect you.

My website provider told me SEO was included in my cost. Where are my online prospects going?

This is a common question. Often, great real estate website design companies provide tools and systems that are an intricate part of a SEO campaign. However, you need to know how to implement best practices while using these features. This is often times were the problem lies. We work with your website provider to make necessary tweaks to your real estate website so it is SEO friendly while updating your existing tools and systems.

How can I out rank my online competitors?

Simple. Both your on-site and off-site real estate SEO optimization techniques need to be better than anyone who currently ranks higher in the search engines than you do. 

What is the real cost of real estate internet marketing?

Real estate SEO is an asset, not a cost. As your search rankings grow so does your website’s value.

Why do I need a website audit?

Think of your website as the foundation to your online marketing. Without knowing how structurally optimized it is could hinder your search engine optimization efforts. 

Why does my keyword list matter?

People enter different phrases known as keywords into the Google search box to find a website that matches their needs. For example… someone searching for condos in Dallas, Texas may enter the phrase “Dallas condos” or “condos in Dallas” or “Dallas condos for sale” or “Dallas TX condos”. If your company caters to this property type it is important your site ranks for a variety of relevant terms to capture all search requests.

What is link building and why should I care?

Links that point to your real estate website from other prominent or authoritative websites is one of the most important signals that your website provides valuable information and is worthy of these links. Link building for real estate internet marketing should be part of your on-going strategy. We know what websites will provide your site with the best link juice.

Can I change my Real Estate SEO plan later?

Yes. We know that as your website grows so do your needs. Take advantage of our top level SEO for real estate competitive pricing to jump start an aggressive campaign for faster results or ease into internet website marketing with a level that fits your current budget. 

Need help deciding which SEO for real estate level is right for you? Take advantage of our free consultation now and we will make recommendations based on our findings.

Brand New Real Estate SEO. Like Never Before…

Built-In Real Estate SEO with Built-In Real Estate Website Intelligence = Smarter Web Marketing

When shopping for a real estate website there are numerous features that will significantly impact your financial outcomes. One of these will determine how visible or how popular your website will be online. That is on-site real estate SEO. The other is the foundation, tools and technologies behind a real estate website.

Without both, no matter how much you spend on one, the outcomes will not be the same.

We have all heard the saying, “what you don’t know, can hurt you.” Take advantage of a free real estate web demo from realWITS and eliminate unknowns and frustration

So how do you really know if your spending too much on one and not enough on another? Get a free real estate web marketing demo from realWITS! This no-strings attached consultation is designed to uncover brand new built-in systems so you can make informed web marketing improvements to increase business profitability.