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Real Estate SEO: What, Why and the How!

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Understanding Real Estate SEO: From the Ground Up

SEO for Real EstateThe What: Laying a Solid Foundation

Similar to building a house, the foundation or how a website is structurally built can impact real estate SEO aka online marketing outcomes.

A house built on a solid foundation can enhance the longevity and overall beauty of any building, but if laid incorrectly it can become unstable. The same applies to a real estate company website. If the website is not built using SEO best practices, the website’s foundation is not sturdy and trying to climb to the top of search rankings can be more challenging.

The websites foundational status maybe the most important component that determines online marketing success for real estate companies because there are numerous algorithmic correlations that can either enhance or hinder the ability to rank on page one of Google for highly competitive keyword phrases and search terms.

The Why: An SEO Friendly Real Estate Website Increases ROI

Real estate companies do not spend time, energy and marketing dollars on a website in hopes no one visits. Just the opposite is true. A real estate company’s website is built for brand recognition, online visibility and exposure to reach local buyers and sellers and generate leads for agents.

Top search engine rankings for relevant keywords phrased and getting found online by prospective real estate buyers and sellers creates an influential snowball effect.

How “Smarter” Real Estate SEO Effects Business

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Buyer and Seller Reach

Because most real estate searches begin online, sellers are more apt to list their property with the leading online real estate company in their marketplace for publicity and exposure. Solid real estate SEO facilitates an introduction to buyers who use the internet to begin their home search.

Agent Recruitment & Retention

In addition to securing the attention of buyers and sellers, technology savvy real estate agents are drawn to brokers who participate and assist with online marketing. Recruiting and retaining top real estate agents becomes another benefit.

Reduced Marketing Dollar Spend

Marketing dollars spent on old fashion advertising such as fliers, yellow pages, newspaper, magazine and similar can be reduced or eliminated.

Inbound Marketing Benefits

When a property buyer or sellers lands on a real estate website they are looking for information. They have come to you. This is known as inbound marketing.

When a newspaper or magazine ad is run, you are reaching an audience in hopes someone from that audience is a property buyer or seller. You are going to them. This is known as outbound marketing.

When a real estate company website is built SEO friendly, it can become the #1 asset for the business.

The How: It’s all About the Blueprint

What Makes a Real Estate SEO Friendly Website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of promoting the prominence of a website or web page for search engines and provides a remarkable user experience. It begins with a website that is built using real estate SEO best practices and utilizes structurally sound tactics. A website that is constructed to take advantage of real estate SEO integrates a well thought out blue print that incorporates best practice qualities into the website; it is not an afterthought.

According to Wikipedia, a house plan is a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes still called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.

A Housing Foundation Blueprints Importance

  • The foundation carries inherent consequences with respect to the overall structure of a building.
  • You wouldn’t build a home without a well thought out plan that encompasses all facets necessary for the desired outcome.
  • Even if you build a custom home with using finest amenities money can buy, if the foundation is poorly constructed it will not support the home.

A Real Estate Website Foundation Blueprint Importance

  • Reduces functional barriers on your website.
  • Helps search engines understand what your site is about.
  • Increases the number of web pages indexed and listed in the search results.
  • The obvious, it increases your likelihood of closing more transactions from targeted traffic derived from Google and others.

The How: Becoming the Popular Internet Go to Resource

A real estate SEO friendly website refers to a website that incorporates specific tactics and techniques that directly impact its internet promotion success. Google and other major search engines have over 200 different ranking factors in their ranking algorithm that determines which pages will be displayed when someone does an online search for a home. Some of these are on-site strategies and some of these are considered off-site strategies.

It is vital a real estate website developer considers the major search engines, the website visitor experience and its look and feel when developing or redesigning a website blueprint for ultimate internet marketing outcomes.

A realWITS Selfish Vanity Plug

realWITS designs and develops real estate SEO friendly websites. Our blue print applies special attention to the visitor experience, the search engines and lead capture opportunities. We do this behind the scenes because we know brokers need this implementation to maximize their ROI, but do not want to take the time and energy to learn all of the finite details essential to building a website with a solid SEO foundation.



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