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Real Estate SEO Tips: Free Advice from Google

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Today, it is not a secret that home buyers begin their property searches online. When a real estate company website exceeds web visitors expectations there are numerous benefits.

Google Shares: Real Estate SEO Tips

I believe a real estate company’s website is perhaps their most profitable business asset. Randi Thornton

While this video is slightly technical, it provides brokers with an insider peek behind their companies real estate website from a SEO perspective, or should I say Google’s perspective?

Real Estate SEO Tips Straight from Google

Real Estate Website Optimization Takeaways

Does Your Real Estate Website Satisfy Your Audience’s Needs?

In addition to selling more homes there are other advantageous benefits often not associated with a website that meets your visitor’s objectives.

Property Listing

Offering buyers the features they desire when searching online for a home, is just the beginning to growing a real estate company business. Besides the obvious, more home sales, a company real estate website that goes beyond average can use website analytics on listing appointments.

What happens when your Realtors can demonstrate how effective your website is at getting qualified traffic from Google…  while on listing appointments?
Agent Recruitment and Retention Tool

The best real estate company website can also be used as a recruiting and retention tool. Agents want to work with brokers that are technology inclined, provide qualified internet leads and deliver a platform that encourages buyer and seller necessities.

Accomplish Business Objectives with Zero Guess-Work

What can your web visitors’ behavior on your real estate company website tell you about their experience? How do you know if your website meets their objectives? To learn how to achieve bigger gains, without guessing, use Google Webmaster tools and analytics to uncover actionable information.

Google Helps You Learn If You Have the Best Real Estate Company Website…

When your companies website provides your online visitors with preferred search tools and information they will take certain actions. Based on these actions and other measurable analytic data you can learn how to make improvements.

Learn how to investigate search queries, impressions, average position, clicks, CTR (click through rate) in Google analytics and Webmaster tools for insight metrics to make informed and actionable improvements.

Thanks Maile Ohye from Google for the insightful explanations to help website owners extract data from a Google Webmaster account and make improvements.


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