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Real Estate SEO: Get it Straight From Google & NAR

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The Digital House Hunt: A NAR and Google Collaboration

This recent report uncovers the trends and usage of digital media among real estate buyers by two of the top leaders.

Many Insightful Takeaways for Real Estate Brokers

The timing of this report could not have not been better. While we are preparing for the big realWITS reveal, a lot of time has been devoted to preparing useful information to educate Brokers about real estate SEO.

I strongly believe a real estate companies website must be SEO friendly out of the box. Otherwise the odds of  SEO correction diminishes greatly. Randi Thornton

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Over the past 4 plus years I have had the pleasure of speaking with many real estate brokers about their SEO needs. Most understand that SEO is important, but do not comprehend the time involvement, not to mention why they need to implement real estate SEO on an on-going basis. This has been a hurdle I have encounter too many times.

real estate seo

Many brokers were told when they purchased their real estate companies website it was SEO friendly. The truth is, many are not. This has caused additional stress for brokers who want to keep current and attract online buyers and sellers. After committing to the monthly cost of a good looking website, they feel strapped to invest more monthly dollars in real estate website SEO. While I understand the industry has suffered financially this creates a catch 22. You need a robust website, but without a solid SEO website foundation and structure, it is going to be more difficult to get buyer and sellers to discover your real estate companies services.

It is the realWITS mission to provide real estate companies with valuable information so they can make informed decisions about their website requirements.

You can download the PDF version here.

I hope you enjoy this study. Have you struggled with real estate SEO? We want to hear from you. Please fill out your comments below.

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