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Real Estate SEO 101: Disconnecting Blog from Website is Harmful

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We all know the enormous advantages associated with good real estate SEO. Today getting found on Google when home buyers search for property for sale in your company’s market place could mean the difference between your brokerage closing a transaction verses your competitors.

Top 2 Reasons Hosting a Blog Outside of Your Company Real Estate Website is Dangerous

You’ll Work Harder for Lost Results

Real estate SEO begins with your website. It is your Google lifeline. Every web page, article, video, PDF document uploaded and displayed on your website should be used to generate value for your online web visitors, but also communicate to Google.

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If you published a blog post highlighting this month’s local real estate market trends, you are educating your visitors but equally as important, this piece of content informs or reiterates to Google your website has content related to real estate in your local market. Blog posts are enormously valuable for both visitors and real estate SEO.

When a blog is hosted outside of your website or on another server the content contained within your blog is not part of your website. It is a completely different website. You now have two different websites. One that publishes content in the form of blog posts and one that contains content such as property detail pages, about us, buyer and seller info etc.

Why Two is Not Better than One

Who are your online competitors? They are any website that ranks higher on Google for keyword phrases relative to real estate in your local market place or ones that rank on Google for keywords your does not.

By detaching your company’s blog from your website you have essentially created two separate websites and another competitor. Your website is now going to compete against your blog. You are competing against yourself. Your efforts will be diluted.

Fresh Content is to Google what Location is to Real Estate

Any good real estate SEO expert will tell you, Google loves fresh content. There are numerous reasons for this that just make common sense which I will save for another post. What you need to know is fresh content is as important for best real estate SEO outcomes as location is to market value.

Typically a real estate website contains static pages. Pages that are not regularly updated. On the other hand a blog is a vehicle to publish fresh new content. Current events, local real estate news, articles about new agent recruits, company awards and press releases or information about a brand new condominium project are all good examples of supporting fresh content that could be written and published online as a blog post.

When the blog is not hosted on the same server as the website, the website does not get the real estate SEO benefit associated with fresh content. It goes to the other website… your blog.

Unite Your Website and Blog for Best Real Estate SEO to Climb Google’s Search Rankings

If your blog does not reside on your real estate company website, contact your real estate website developer today and insist they help you accomplish this. Never accept hosting your blog anywhere else.

If you have questions or need help with hosting your blog on your real estate company website, let us know. realWITS is dedicated to educating brokers and helping them succeed online. 

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