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Real Estate Online Marketing: 2014 Very Best Strategies

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Real_Estate_Online_Marketing2013 flew by.

What did you hope to accomplish in 2013? Was real estate online marketing part of your 2013 growth plan? Did your real estate online marketing at minimum meet your expectations? Did you exceed your expectations? Today, what constitutes a successful year for real estate companies?

Because I believe a real estate companies #1 asset is their website (I have ranted about this before!) analysing online real estate marketing outcomes should be an intrical success measurement for 2013. Real estate online marketing inevitably is the very best method to distinguishing what qualifies as a winning strategy for the upcoming year, 2014.

How did your Real Estate Online Marketing Measure Up in 2013?

Did you….

  1. considerably increase the number of new website visitors from last year?
  2. witness an  average website visitor staying longer on your website than they did the previous year?
  3. see the number of repeat website visitors go up from last year?
  4. stop paying for online leads and generate quality leads from your website?
  5. increase the total number of closed sales transactions from last year?
  6. recruit more income producing agents than the year before?
  7. retain your top producing agents?
  8. eliminate old advertising tactics and reduce your annual marketing expenses in 2013?
  9. increase your brand exposure and recognition?

Yes, being able to positively answer yes to all of the above means your real estate online marketing was a success in 2013. 

Nothing Stays the Same… including the Very Best Real Estate Marketing Tactics

What produced worthy online marketing for the real estate industry in 2013 will be different in 2014. In this rapidly evolving technology world we live in, brokers and company marketing decision makers must keep up with online marketing changes to either make up for last years shortcomings or continue to witness optimal growth goals.

My 2014 Real Estate Online Marketing Predictions for Positive Results

The online marketing real estate tactics suggested below should sound familiar to most brokers because many of them were important factors in 2013. But I believe they bear repeating and I hope you find this list useful for planning your next years online marketing strategies. After all, next year is just around the corner. 

1.) Mobile Marketing

A real estate companies website must look gorgeous and be extremely functional on mobile devices of all sizes.

2.) Valuable Onsite Content Production

From a SEO perspective, one thing has remained the same for as long as I can remember… content is king. Rich, meaningful content that answers todays buyers and sellers most important questions must be produced and posted on your website on a regular basis.

3.) Use Social to Drive Visitors Back to Website

Social media is not going away, but I believe to maximize search rankings and online authority it is best to use social media for the purpose of having others learn about you, your company, your services etc. on these platforms and then persuade them back to your website to discover more or continue to engage with you and your company.

4.) Understanding What Buyers Want, Without Them Telling You

We have all started to become accustom to and expect service providers to understand our needs and desires based on our past behavior and cater to us centered upon these actions. Buyers expect instant notifications when relevant homes that meet their expectations first become available and you need to deliver these results to them.

5.) Local Online Authoritativeness

Content is king and Google is whatever is far more important than a king. Achieving online authoritative rankings with Google is like winning the jackpot. And more importantly Google wants to provide the very best local results based upon the searchers intent. Therefore, conquering local online marketing with Google is essential. 

6.) Clean, Easy to Navigate, Intuitive Website Functionality 

This has been critical for awhile, but it is no longer optional if you want to succeed with online marketing,. Your real estate website is your #1 business asset and it should be given top priority. Need I say more? 

7.) Neighborhood Level and Niche Marketing 

Buyers and sellers reference neighborhoods when speaking about a vicinity. As well, more finite real estate targeted reflection will dominate online marketing for the more serious and prepared to take actin buyer.

I truly believe if the above strategies are implemented into your online marketing plan for 2014 you will be able to answer yes to the questions above and experience a hefty ROI in the next 12 months. Now it’s your turn…. take action!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Randi Thornton 

Real Estate Web Marketing Advisor @realWITS

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