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Real Estate Website Development: What Developers Do Not Want You to Know

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Real estate website development is an exciting time, after all your company is getting a brand new facelift.

Most focus on the look and feel, the visual aspects of real estate website development. And while the look and feel is important, if you do not do your due diligence when selecting the developer, you could end up with a beautiful looking website that fails to perform well in the search engines or provide your visitors with an engaging experience.

Every real estate website developer works with their content management system of choice and some are better than other at mastering what matters most>>> ensuring it is built using proper SEO best practices from the ground up. If the real estate website development process fails to get this right, getting found online by prospective buyers and sellers in your local market place can be challenging.

Real Estate Website Development: Beauty Only Gets You So Far

Anyone could hire 10 different real estate website developers and they could all produce a website that looks nearly identical to each other. The biggest challenges I encounter when providing real estate SEO consulting services has nothing to do with the way the website looks. The main obstacles my clients encounter are, they have a beautiful website but it lacks appropriate SEO implementation. If SEO is an afterthought, additional time is required to fix or redo portions of the website. This is both costly and time consuming.

Similar to building a house, a home buyer could hire 10 different builders and to the average person each house could visually appear almost identical. However, it is what the home buyer does not see, such as wiring, plumbing etc. that truly determines which was optimally built to perform over time and create less stress for the buyer. The same holds true to building a website. It is what you don’t see that ultimately matters the most.

What You See Is Not What You Get

real estate website developmentWhat you and your online visitors see when your website is viewed is not what Google sees. Google and other major search engines (the ones that can drive free traffic to your website!) crawl web pages to analysis and eventually determine which pages will be returned when someone searches online for real estate and related terms in your local market.  

As this crawl occurs, the coding behind each page is scoured and how well it is composed will have an impact on how well it performs in search results.

There are numerous real estate SEO factors such as URL structures and site architecture that impact or can determine credibility with Google. Because a website is the foundation to online marketing, getting it wrong can be costly.

Real Estate Website Development for SEO: Give Me the Facts.

I have never talked to a real estate SEO client who told me they did not inquire about SEO when investigating potential real estate website development. Sadly the truth is, most real estate website developers say their platform is optimized for SEO, when in reality it may lack basic SEO 101.

Real Estate Website SEO Checkup

Was your real estate website developer truthful when you asked if your website would be SEO friendly?

Learning if SEO was properly fused into the build of your website can produce valuable information necessary to succeed with real estate online marketing. realWITS wants to help brokers by offering a free real estate website SEO checkup. This free offer comes with zero strings attached. 


Is Your Real Estate Website Using SEO Best Practices?
Find out if your developer is truthful with a free custom website SEO analysis today. Because what you don’t know can hurt you.


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