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A Real Estate Company Website 6.9 Minute Challenge

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Is Your Real Estate Company Website Smart?

As realWITS prepares to announce it’s official launch we thought it would be educational for brokers to learn more about how realWITS is different from other real estate company website platforms.

The following digital media contains a 4 part series of high level questions to get brokers involved and thinking about relevant topics we feel are important for todays company real estate website.

We Believe the Top 4 Traits of a Smart Real Estate Website Include:

  1. SEO friendly.
  2. Make a great first impression.
  3. You have control.
  4. Lead generator.

>>> You can download the PDF here: Real Estate Company Website Challenge

Is Your Real Estate Company Website SEO Friendly?

Is it accessible?

Go to Google and type (replace with your actual website address) into Google’s search box. View the number of returned results. This will be a number listed below the search box and will read “about X,XXX results”. This is approximately the number of web pages on your website Google has indexed.

Now measure the findings. Compare Google’s result number with the total number of pages on your website, including property pages. For example. if your company website has 30 static pages (such as buyer & seller pages, contact, our Realtors etc.) and 5,000 property listings, then your company real estate website has a total of 5,030 pages.

  • Are Google’s and your numbers close?

Your pages are accessible to Google!

  • Are Google’s and your numbers not close?

Your pages may not be accessible to Google.

Do you have steady online growth?

View your website analytics and analysis the number of and positions for search rankings of relevant keyword phrases and term, website traffic, closed transactions (goals) for the past 24 months. Do you have consistent online growth in these 3 areas?


What is your website load time?

Who likes a slow loading website? Google doesn’t and website visitors don’t. Google and other search engines take website load speed into consideration for search rankings and online visitors are impatient. You can have the best real estate company website, but if it loads slowly, visitors may leave.

3 steps to test your real estate companies load speed time:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your website.
  3. Hit test now.

Does your website load fast or slow?

  • A website that is SLOWER than 85% of others is not good.
  • A website that is FASTER than 83% of others is good.
SEO Real Estate Takeaways
  • Are your pages accessible and listed on Google?
  • Does your website experience steady…
    • keyword ranking growth?
    • website traffic growth?
    • closed sales growth?
  • Is your website fast loading?

Do You Control Your Website?

In todays fast paced world it is important a real estate company website stays relevant  and current with up-to-date information. A website is a living thing. It is not intended to be a set it and forget it sales tool.

Website Content Control

Is it easy to add, change or update content on your website?

Website Design Control

Is it easy to tweak, modify or make changes to the design of your company real estate website?

Does your website use the latest technologies?

Is the technology used to run your website updated at least two times every year?

Do you have access to the best and latest web tools?

Can you easily add or change… call to actions? featured photo galleries? new neighborhoods?

Website Control Takeaways
  • Is it easy to make content changes or updates?
  • Is it easy to make tweaks to your website design?
  • Does your website utilize the latest technologies?
  • Can you add web tools that engage & retain visitors?

Does Your Website Design Close Transactions?

Photos Sell Real Estate

Is your company real estate website photo centric? Pinterest and Instagram prove people love to view and engage with photos. No matter how well written a property description is, it will never grab the attention of a buyer better than a picture will. The main emphasis of any real estate website should be imagery that tells a story in photos that convey “I want to see more” from buyers.

Rich Neighborhood Data

Does Your Website Provide Community Data? People buy homes where they feel a connection. Community or neighborhood pages offer lifestyle buying decisions for both relocation and local buyers. This type of content demonstrates local expertise, and can dramatically increase online visibility with Google love!

 Professionally Designed

Are you creditable? First and foremost buyers and sellers want to work with professional Realtors. Is your website polished and does it scream professionalism? To stand out and differentiate your company, your website should not look like every other real estate website on the World Wide Web.

Map Searches

Does your website provide buyers with the search tools they want? Buyers love to view homes  on maps. Sellers love it when buyers can view their listings via maps.

  • Buyers who explore neighborhoods and visualize property locations, make faster purchasing decisions.
  • Property search maps keep people engaged and turn them into a returning website visitor.

 Mobile Device Friendly

The usage of mobile devices is rapidly growing in the real estate industry.

More than two-thirds of prospective buyers who use a mobile device in their home search reported contacting a real estate professional for a showing as a result of their mobile search. …according to a survey from The Real Estate Book

Easy Navigation

Similar to how fast a website loads, people want to find what they came for quickly. It is your job to make navigating your website effortless.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Can Visitors Quickly Find What They Want?
  2. Does your website eliminate confusion?
  3. Is your content buried or is it strategically designed for easy navigation?

Is your website easy to navigate?

Website Design Takeaways
  • Is your website photo-centric?
  • Does your website make a great first impression?
  • Can your online visitors quickly find what they want?
  • Do you offer informative neighborhood information?
  • Do you have web tools that engage & retain visitors?
  • Is your website viewable on mobile devices?

Does Your Real Estate Company Website Generate Quality Leads?

Top 4 traits associated with effective  lead generation outcomes:

  1. Web Layout… website strategically focused on lead collection.
  2. Auto Pilot… set it and forget it increases success.
  3. Routing… speedy follow-up challenges competitors.
  4. Tracking… monitoring and tracking improves accountability.
Website Lead Generation Takeaways
  • Is your website strategically designed to capture & retain leads?
  • Is your lead follow up set on auto-pilot?
  • Are your leads instantly forwarded to the most ideal agent?
  • Can you monitor and track your leads?

Is Your Real Estate Company Website Smart?


This challenge was designed for real estate companies and brokers to provide valuable website insider takeaways. Also we feel it is important real estate companies understand all options.

What Challenges Have You Faced? What are Your Real Estate Company Website Best Features?

We want your input. Share your thoughts and comments below!


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