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Real Estate Blogging: Where, Why and How for Authoritative Rankings

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Recently it came to my attention a company that develops and hosts websites for well respected real estate companies has decided to separate the blog from the companies website.

As an explanation they stated this would enhance the Brokers website.


What 1 Real Estate Website Vendor Wants You to Believe

Real estate blogging is not an important tool designed to enhance a broker’s online performance.

How can real estate blogging achieve maximum SEO benefits when the blog resides on a different server? When it is not part of the website? It can’t!  Randi Thornton

Real Estate Blogging: the Right Way

Real Estate BloggingReal Estate Blogging: The Why

Google loves fresh, original and useful content. A real estate blog is an easy way to publish content that does just that.

It’s not a secret, when Google loves your content, and people engage with your content, your Google authority rankings rise. With authority comes the ability to climb to the top of the search results for local search terms used by buyers and sellers.

Real estate blogging is a smart tool to get found online and become the local expert.

Real Estate Blogging: The Where

If a kitchen was the most important part of a home, would you build it so it resided outside of the home? Would you separate it from the primary structure? No. You would make it easily accessible, perform updates and give it your utmost attention. 

A real estate blog should be cared for in the same manner. 

Don’t Put Your Real Estate Blog There!

If the kitchen was detached from the main property and they were two separate buildings, both the home and the kitchen would be worth much less. What is the value of a stand-alone kitchen? Or what is the value of a home without a kitchen? Similarly, when a real estate blog is not part of the main structure it loses value. What’s more harmful is the website also loses potential notoriety, popularity  and value. 

Real Estate Blogging: The How

When a real estate blog is built to reside on the companies real estate website and the blog is updated regularly with informative, original content both the website and blog work in unison. The blog brings value to the website and the website brings value to the blog. When they are treated as two separate entities they both lose probable worthiness. 

If Done Wrong, Real Estate Blogging Can Cause More Harm than Good

If a company was located in Dallas, search terms (keywords used to find a local real estate company) such as “Dallas homes for sale” or “Dalles real estate” would be valuable to rank for when a buyer or seller typed this phrase into Google’s search box. 

Let’s assume your real estate website is optimized for these keyword phrases. When real estate blogging you too are going to be posting articles, videos and information about “Dallas homes for sale” and “Dallas real estate.” Both your website and blog are communicating to Google  that each is about “Dallas homes for sale” and “Dallas real estate.”

So what outcomes could occur when a website and real estate blog are separate? 

In essence the website and the blog are competing against each other. Both provide content and information about the exact same topics. Why would you want to compete against yourself? Real estate online marketing is competitive enough. Don’t compete against yourself.

realWITS Selfish Plug

Because most brokers are not SEO experts they rely upon their website developer to provide the best tools, systems and support that truly benefits them. However, time and time again some (not all!) vendors make decisions that will have a negative impact on a real estate companies #1 business asset… their website. 

realWITS was developed by Randi Thornton, known online as the SEO Google Guru. Each real estate website developed by realWITS is SEO friendly, meaning the SEO details that matter are implemented and updated regularly to ensure a companies website has a solid search engine optimization foundation for best search ranking outcomes. 

Is Your Real Estate Website SEO Friendly? Find out. For Free.

In an effort to help educate brokers, realWITS is offering free website SEO audits. These informative audits are designed to help brokers evaluate and learn how to make real estate SEO  improvements that enhance their online presence and discoverability.  

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