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Your agents deserve the spotlight. Our real estate company websites include a company roster that connects to an agent bio page /website. These pages can be customized to reflect an individualistic image in a professional manner, including the option to stream their listings.

Realtor Biography – History, Picture, and All Broker MLS Listings

Tied to the agent roster page on your multi-user account, the agent bio page gives your agents their own personal place to call home on your team, office or corporate website. Special default contact routing preferences also give your agents the ability to use their bio page as their own website and all leads generated as a result of sending traffic directly to their bio page will result in all leads being directed to their account. Of course, you can always override this default preference if you want to and have all leads sent to you; it’s completely up to you!
Not only do Realtors get their own login, management over their own leads and custom email updates, but if they also add an HTML header in their account, that header will display on all pages users visit if they start directly on that agent’s bio page. This gives agents the ability to redirect a custom domain name directly to their bio page without the fear of losing a lead or their branding by sending web users directly to their IDX driven bio page. A great retention and recruiting tool for those offices that cater to agents that are web savvy and looking for an office with all the must have technology bells and whistles.

Agents appreciate this functionality and it is another intelligent recruiting and retention tool.

Check real estate company website plans to learn more about free Realtor webpage qualifications.

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