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Real Estate Website Designs that Close Transactions

Make it easy for your online visitors to find what they want and you will be rewarded.

The Layout, Navigation and Look & Feel of Your Real Estate Company Website Matters. Period.

Impress buyers and sellers with a real estate website company design that demonstrates how progressive your firm is. Make it easy to navigate and keep buyers and sellers coming back. The design of your website is very revealing about the company behind the website.

Years of experience has allowed us to identify themes and customization templates that work. Today, less is more. A realWITS real estate website is designed to convert visitors into leads by presenting a visually appealing picturesqueness that is undeniably effective.

What message does your existing website leave with its visitors?

Eliminate Website Design Frustration

Your website must encourage buyers and sellers to do business with YOUR company within 5 seconds or less.

When your real estate web design is done right you can expect to increase closed transactions. Using the best web design also plays a very crucial role in search engine optimization.

Think about it. When you physically enter a storefront what goes through your mind? Here is what goes through a web visitors mind…

  • Is it updated?
  • Is it appealing?
  • Do I want to do business with this company?
  • Can I find what I am looking for?
  • Are they professional?
  • Will they be the best Realtors to sell my home?
  • I found a home to buy. Should I call them or someone else to help me?

Entering a storefront is no different than what happens when a visitor lands on your website. Will they want to do business with your company? Or will they click off your website and do business with your competitor?

You have very limited time to grab your online visitors attention and provide them with an exceptional experience.

Your real estate website must convey professionalism, credibility, a modern interface, easy navigation and enhanced involvement.

What seller will list their property with a company that does not value the importance of showcasing their listings in an utmost sale-able manner?

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