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Qualified Real Estate Lead Generation

Give Your Visitors a Branded Property Account and Collect Qualified Leads!

Increase your online lead generation with forced or request registration functionality.

All realWITS’s real estate websites are designed to grow your company and collecting qualified leads means additional closed transactions.

Valuable Sales Leads the Easy Way

With a realWITS company real estate website, your company is your local online go-to resource. You have the option to “force” registration” (a visitor must create a branded property account) or request they create an account (of course you will let them know about all of the features included) to view listings,  maps or other criteria determined by you or disable this requirement altogether. If you select forced or request as your option your website visitors will be prompted to create an account based on your preset requirements.

Forward these leads to the listing agent, incorporate round robin lead distribution or specify which agents will receive your website leads. As the broker you are in control. Some brokers choose to sell these leads to their agents and this becomes a profit center for the company. It is all up to you. In addition this smart tool is also a great recruiting machine.

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Real Estate Lead Generation

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