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Enriching Power Packed Map Search 

Maps provide an intuitive method for website visitors to narrow down their favorite real estate for sale searches.

Buyers Love to View Homes for Sale on Maps. Sellers Love to Know Buyers Can View Their Property Via Maps.

Walk Score Maps

Add a walkscore map to your property detail pages so prospective buyers can explore the neighborhood and see what’s nearby. This has proven to be a superlative selling tool.

Maps. Search. And Beyond.

Most real estate websites offer basic search functionality. While this might be acceptable to some, why not WOW online visitors by providing map search capability and help them narrow down their search results quicker?

This gives your users the ability to search using a dynamic map tool instead of traditional search forms.

You have total control over the center point and you can make the searchable map as big or as small as you want.

Users can even use the drag and select tool within the IDX map search interface to go directly to a specific area of interest. All search options are dynamic on this feature, so if users select a different price range or number of bedrooms, the map will automatically show active listings in that area that meet the specific criteria the user is looking for.

You can create an unlimited number of map search pages all with different center points and default search criteria. This has been proven to be great for websites that have a lot of community or subdivision focused pages. Now you can send those users to a specific area on the map and let them search using the visual search tools.

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