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realWITS Website for Real Estate Companies Roll Out Procedure

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Welcome to realWITS! Your “Intelligent” Company Real Estate Website Resource.

Getting a new real estate company website is both an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time without a proven systematic process in place. To eliminate headaches we have outlined the process so you know what to expect.

Our goal during this process is to eliminate unproductive usage of time while designing the very best real estate website and providing you unexpected satisfaction.

The Nobody Likes Surprises realWITS Website Integration Process

Keep in mind that the following is an estimated outline. Every real estate website we roll out is unique and therefore time frames may need adjustments based on your specific needs and objectives.

get real estate company websiteInitial Step – Day 1

Welcoming and Get to Know You Meeting

We take time to get to know your real estate company. During this meeting we learn about your business objectives, marketplace, agent needs plus your company strengths and weakness so we can offer custom suggestions and solutions based on our expert knowledge.

During this conversation we will also get your MLS information so we can begin the IDX approval process.* Approval can take up to 2 weeks depending on your MLS so we get the paperwork in motion. In most cases we can handle the paperwork for you.

*You do need to get an approval from your MLS to add IDX functionality.

IDX Functionality

realWITS offers an enormous host of property search, mapping, search criteria, advance search, city lists, featured properties, showcases, galleries, lead generation forms & lead integration and visitor account setting functionality. We take time to show you all options so you make selections that best fit your needs and produce the best results.

It’s Your Website

Most real estate website clients find our suggestions extremely useful. However, this is your website and it should reflect your brands personality. We encourage you to voice your opinions. We want to know your thoughts so together we render the most optimal experience for your prospective buyers and sellers.

get real estate company websiteWebsite Design Customization – Days 2 to 10New_Company_Real_Estate_Website_Procedures

Website Wireframe

You may want to retain certain features or section of your existing website or decide to design your new real estate company website from scratch.

The best method to seamlessly work together when designing the layout and look and feel of your new real estate website is using something visual. A wireframe is a visual tool we use to effectively collaborate with you. A mock up wireframe is provided based on our initial “getting to know you” step.

Design Modifications

Once your wireframe is presented we begin the modification process. You and any one you want to be part of the modification process is welcome. Our design team will provide up to 3 modification rounds so you have time to review and make changes before we begin implementation.

The Magical Transformation Begins

Once your wireframe is approved by you, we get to work and build your website! A complete website is created based on the wireframe, chosen color schemes, desired look and feel and content.

get real estate company websiteFeatures and Functionality – Days 11 to 20

IDX Implementation

Your customized chosen features will be added cohesively into the website design. These rich property listing tools will bring your website to life!

Media, Content, Pictures, Videos, PDFs Etc.

Content can be moved from your existing website if appropriate or this may be a great opportunity to review your existing content and make updates. Either way, you provide us with the content and we upload it to its corresponding pages.

All media is provided by you and uploaded by our team. This may include agent photos and bios for your company rooster page, logos, videos, PDFs etc.

“True” SEO Settings

A complete website SEO audit is conducted by our SEO Guru to formulate search engine optimization best practices standards for your website. Based on findings and extensive keyword research, we manually implement your SEO real estate website settings.

Real Estate Website Search Engine Optimization Maximized

All content added during the realWITS new website process is optimized including pages, posts, images, videos etc. In addition, with the use of a WordPress plugin we use priority settings so future pages and posts added to your website are SEO optimized based on these settings.

Intelligent real estate website SEO. When we set it, you can forget it.

IDX Property Search Engine Optimization

We manually add page titles, meta description and heading content to IDX pages such as the property details page or the property search page.

get real estate company websiteIt’s Exploration Time – Day 21

It is almost time to reveal your smarter real estate website to the world. But before the final move, we take time with you so you get to know everything about your new website. realWITS is simple to use and we want to make sure you get the most out of your new real estate company website. Training topics might include how to add a new agent to the system or how to publish a blog post.

get real estate company websiteMoving Day – Day 23

Once your new website has been designed, IDX integration incorporated, SEO optimization tasks finalized and training completed your new website will be ready to move. Behind the scenes we handle the necessary tasks for a smooth transition.

get real estate company websiteBoosting Time – Day 30

A professionally crafted SEO optimized press release is written and distributed to major national and local sources letting them know about your new website. It’s time to let the World know what you have been up to, even if it is slightly boastful!

Moving Forward

After your new website has launched, we continuously provide updates as new technologies are rolled out and maintain your website from behind the scenes. And of course, we are always here to answer any questions or help in any way we can.


We know change can be scary. So congratulations on taking the first step to securing your online business future.

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