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Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing: Let the Truth be Told Video

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Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing Truths

For nearly 10 years, I have had the great fortune to speak with and work with some of the greatest people I know, about growing their businesses…. real estate brokers.

These engagements and conversation have primarily focused around online marketing. After all, what business would not financially benefit from an authoritative online presence? 

Here’s the Problem.

10 years ago, most brokers were reluctant to invest in online marketing as a viable tool to accomplish ongoing business duties such as recruiting and retaining top agents, growing brand recognition and increasing sales.  In an attempt to provide evidence, validation and change their opinions, the majority of my conversations were filled with stories relating to my past online marketing successes,  corroborating data and graphs and charts that supported the rewards associated with online marketing.   

Today, I am still having this conversation. And that’s a problem.

While preparing for the launch of a brand new online marketing service (I believe might be the greatest thing since sliced bread) specifically designed for the real estate industry I decided to put it all out there by sharing my online marketing success story in an attempt to look at this never ending battle from a different perspective. 

 It is my sincere hope this presentation offers useful insights by tackling the topic of online real estate marketing from a different approach. 

Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing: the Truth be Told does not mention any magical solutions. Rather it conceptualizes underlying tactics  that have dramatically influenced how I develop business growth many years ago and still today. I have learned from my own struggles and from some really smart people along my journey. These are takeaways I live by everyday. 

I am glad you are here. After watching, I look forward to your response. Please share your thoughts below, or email me at Enjoy!


The study referenced in the video can be found here: Top 5 Broker Website Trends for 2014


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