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Local Real Estate Sales: Crafting Online Neighborhood Domination

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Most brokers or real estate company decision makers desire local real estate sales marketplace domination. And this makes sense. After all, real estate is a local business and to close transactions a real estate company needs to increase local real estate sales to be as profitable as possible.

There are two unquestionable factors  regarding local real estate sales:

  1. Buyers use the internet more than any other resource to search for property for sale.
  2. Buyers continually demand more… they want beyond the basic home search tools; they want more advanced property search solutions.

Based upon these two know facts, understanding how to increase local real estate sales should not be very difficult. By SEO optimizing a real estate companies website for it’s locality and providing the web visitor with an experience that goes beyond the expected is critical.

To enhance results, a real estate website must provide valuable content specifically related to a vicinity that goes beyond what every other real estate website offers. It must paint a lifestyle picture in the mind of the buyer that says “I want to live here.”

Local Real Estate Sales: You Must Become the Neighborhood Connoisseur

Location, location, location is a common industry phrase. But how does this phrase apply to local real estate sales?  Location impacts the home buyers buying decision. Location influences housing pricing, but equally as important is location also speaks to the lifestyle associated with a location.

online local real estate salesNavigating Neighborhoods = Hyper-Local Living

Neighborhoods are the greatest shared and most natural way for people to talk about an area, whether having a dialogue about where someone lives, outdoor recreations, the best pizza parlor, social events, shopping, schools and the list goes on and on.

The most popular mobile apps and websites, such as Zillow and Facebook strategically incorporate the usage of neighborhoods to selectively target a specific audience and cater results to that audience cares about, their living environment. 

Local Real Estate Sales with “Lifestyle” Neighborhood Web Pages

If you were shopping for a home in an area you were unfamiliar with, what would be most important to you? Yes, of course bedroom and bathroom count is important, but perhaps more important to the buying process would be narrowing down your search criteria to neighborhoods that match your desired lifestyle.

If you were shopping for a home in New York, would you search for homes in New York? No, you would research neighborhoods. Living in Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Chinatown or East Harlem all have unique neighborhood and community vibes, surroundings and living experiences.

Local Real Estate Sales will Increase When Your Company Real Estate Website Caters to Neighborhoods

Take a look at your company real estate website. Does it offer hyper-local valuable information buyers truly care about? If not, change that.

How to Create Intriguing Neighborhood Content
View realWITS real estate website neighborhood examples.
If you are struggling to achieve online local real estate sales, contact realWITS today to learn more about implementing neighborhood pages that convert to buyers and how local real estate SEO plays an important role in the process.

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