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How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Website?

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I get asked this question often. And it is a valid question. 

How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Website?

The biggest obstacle in generating a zero-hype answer is…. it depends. I sincerely wish there was a real number I could give you.

The reality is you can pay anywhere from $10  month to $10,000 a month. Yes, I know… those numbers are of little help when you want to know how much you should be paying for your real estate website. 

I felt addressing this question head on was so important, it was the primary focus of episode 9 on my new podcast titled the “Web Marketing Show.”

How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Website

The “Web Marketing Show” Podcast Helps Me Help Me

I started this podcast to educate and inform anyone who owns a website (including my favorite audience the real estate industry!) and wants straight-forward, best practices, tips, tools and actionable takeaways to learn how to make adjustments or needs clarification on web marketing.

If you are familiar with my “how to succeed online” philosophy you know I preach that your website is your web marketing foundation. Everything you do to increase online brand awareness, get in front of prospective real estate buyers and sellers, generate qualified leads and close more transactions from the internet is greatly impacted by the influencing elements and structure of your website.

Your Website is That Important

If your real estate website is so important then the next logical question would be… how much should you pay for a real estate website?

If you want to get insider information that will help you answer this question listen to my latest podcast episode titled “How much Does a Website Cost.”



How Much Did You Pay for Your Real Estate Website?

Please share your comments. What did you pay for your website? Does it produce the online revenues you expected? I want to hear from you. Let me know by sharing a comment below or sending me an email at




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