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Does Google “LOVE” Your Real Estate Website?

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How Do You Know if Google HATES, LIKES or LOVES Your Real Estate Website?

There are many ways to determine if your real estate website is SEO friendly (aka Google loves your website). I am going to share with you one simple and quick way to find out.

Before We Begin… Why Does it Matter if Google LOVES Your Real Estate Website or Not?

Google real estate SEOThis is an easy one. Buyers and sellers search Google to find real estate listings and real estate companies. The statistics are staggering and unless you have been isolated from everything that pertains to marketing for real estate, you know this.

When Google LOVES your website, Google will send you free online traffic. This is an enormous branding advantage which gives you bragging rights, not to mention more closed transactions!

What: Website Indexation to Learn if Your LOVED by Google

A website for real estate consists of web pages. These pages include the expected pages often found on a company real estate website such as neighborhood pages, about us, meet our agents, buyers, sellers, contact us etc. Property detail pages or every page for each individual listing in your local MLS are also web pages.

If a website has 20 static pages (the about us, buyer and seller pages, contact us etc.) and 2000 (the number of property listings pulled into your website from your local MLS) property detail pages the total number of web pages on that real estate website equals 2,020.

For a page to appear on Google it needs to first be crawled and then indexed. Not all pages are crawled or indexed. There can be barriers on a website that prohibit or make it difficult for Google and other search engines to crawl or access all pages that reside on a real estate website.

When pages are crawled and they meet certain criteria they will get indexed. Similar to problematic crawling issues, not all crawled pages get indexed due to criteria set forth by Google.

Why It Matters: Every Real Estate Web Page on Your Websites Gets Indexed

First, as previously mentioned, pages will not appear on a Google search result page if it is not indexed. Second, every page on a website should be thought of as door way entrance into a website. Each page has an opportunity to rank on search engines for different keyword terms and phrases.

Company real estate websites that have 90% or more of the total number of pages indexed by Google suggest the website as a whole is crawl-able and the content is readable.

When a prospective buyer is searching online for a property by address, Google will return results for that specific listing. For a real estate company property details page to appear in the results, the property page must be indexed. Google loves content. If real estate website A has 20 indexed pages and real estate website B has 2,010 indexed pages, website B is more likely to have higher authority thus appear more often.

Does Google LOVE Your Website SEO Audit

To learn how many pages on a real estate company’s website are indexed by Google can be analyzed using a search operator. Search operators are used to gain more control over the results that you see. The search operator used to do the detective work and reveal the estimated number of indexed pages on a website is

Type site: immediately followed by your website address (no spaces) into Google’s search box to retrieve the estimated total number of indexed pages for that domain.

In the example below I typed into Google’s search box. The number of indexed pages on this website are displayed in the highlighted blue boxed area. These results indicated Google has over 114,000 web pages indexed for this real estate website.



Add the number of web pages you have and do use the search operator above for your own website. If 90% of your total pages are indexed chances are good your website is craw-able and worthy of indexation.

Do the Real Estate SEO Google Challenge Now

Follow the simple procedure above and learn if your website for real estate is SEO friendly. If your results are positive, congratulations. If they are not, it is time to investigate so you can gain brand recognition and more closed transactions.  Learn how realWITS can help you uncover hidden search ranking obstacles.

Does Google LOVE Your Website?
Do you have Google’s LOVE?



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