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“Influencing Real Estate Online Sales: Making Zillow Magic” Instant Webinar Replay

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To be or not to be… that is the question.

Do you want your company real estate website to have online “Zillow like” traits?


  • Become the local online go-to resource in your marketplace?
  • Reduce marketing costs?
  • Capture online quality buyer & sellers leads?
  • Out rank Zillow & other online competitors?


What you will learn: This step by step webinar offers an actionable checklist to convert your company real estate website visitors into closed sale transactions. Also, learn how to stop paying for leads and generate your own online real estate profit center.

Who is it for? Brokers and real estate company decision makers that want to learn how their company real estate website can become as popular as Zillow.

Randi Thornton the SEO Google Guru (2)Presenter: Randi Thornton

Randi Thornton, realWITS founder is dedicated to offering company real estate websites that can not be ignored.

Since 1995 when she created her first website, Randi has been focused on real estate SEO and website development. She is passionate about helping brokers succeed online using the latest technologies and recently published the ebook “How to Become the Local Zillow.”


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