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Real Estate Websites Verses Zillow: Your Vote Counts Polls

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Local Broker Website Versus Zillow Challenge Results

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best real estate website challenge 

What Makes the Very Best Broker Website?

As a real estate website developer realWITS is constantly asking this question.

We believe the best broker websites evolve and change over time, because the metrics that made the very best broker website last year are not the same today. This could lead to another question to ask yourself… When was the last time your website had any technical, design or functionality updates? The list of questions could go on and on.

The Best Real Estate Website Face Off

realWITS is setting up a challenge. A challenge that you get to voice your opinion.

Introducing the Local Broker Website Verses Zillow Challenge

Today the most popular real estate website is Zillow.  And if Zillow is the most popular online destination for todays buyers and sellers it makes sense we include Zillow as a “best real estate website” metric. 

The Rules are Simple.

realWITS will display one local broker website at a time, next to the most popular website (today that is Zillow) and let you, the audience vote. Using this methodology enables us to gather a variety of opinions to determine the winner for each challenge and answer this question, which one is better… the local website or Zillow?

It’s time local real estate companies take back their marketplace by providing the same (or better!) online information, resources, tools and engagement found on Zillow, Trulia and other major online portals. – Randi Thornton, realWITS Founder

How Local Broker Website is Chosen for Challenge

Originally for our very first challenge, we selected a random location (Phoenix) however, we also wanted a selection method that was not chosen by us.  Moving forward with the second and remaining challenges we will be using the cities listed in “America’s 50 Best Cities” published on Business week in ranking order.

With the city location identified, the keyword phrase [location + real estate] will be entered into Google’s search field and the first broker website that appears on the third search results page will be chosen. If a portal website for real estate verses a local broker or agent website (such as, etc.) appears in this location, we will use the first non-portal listed on the same page.  Also, because search results vary depending on the user, the same computer will be used throughout this fact gathering challenge.

If your courteous  and want to include your broker website, let us know. Getting honest feedback from a variety of peers could be the best method to learning how your website compares to what matters most to buyers and sellers.

Special Note

These upcoming challenges are done with the best intent in mind. We have chosen a unbiased local broker website selection method in our best effort to keep this experiment fair. It is not our intent to harm any real estate company, website developers, hosting companies etc.

We encourage you to get others involved and voice their opinions. The more participants the better the results. Let’s all learn together!

Local Broker Website Verses Zillow Challenge List

If you’d like to suggest a location, just send a quick note by contacting us here.