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Protected: A Real Estate Website Story

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How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Website

I get asked this question often. And it is a valid question.  How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Website? The biggest obstacle in generating a zero-hype answer is…. it depends. I sincerely wish there was a real number I could give you. The reality is you can pay anywhere from $10  month to $10,000 a month. Yes, I know… those numbers are of little help when you want to know how much you should be paying for your real estate website.  I felt addressing this question head on was so important, it was the primary focus of Read more

  Is Your Company Real Estate Website Development Leaking Money? A Thought Provoking Question. Yes OR No? View slide show to find out. How will you answer the question after watching? Leave comments below.  

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A real estate website developer is a person or company employed by the real estate Company that deploys a vast amount of geeky web coding that makes up what you, I or a website visitors sees when they visit the website. While the look and feel of a real estate website is important from a visitor’s experience and usability perspective, it is often the coding behind that geeky coding that ultimately determines how real estate SEO friendly the website is. Another words, will Google and others crawl, index and add important web pages to their search results. Today, it’s no Read more

To increase online profitability, brokers and real estate company decision makers must partner with a real estate web development company that constantly revolutionizes. Read more

I personally want to invite you to attend a free real estate web marketing educational webinar. In one hour we will tackle critical company real estate website elements that have a high impact on profitable real estate web marketing. Read more

There are many features that make a real estate website "smart." Powerful examples worth paying attention to generate biggest online marketing ROI. Read more

Real estate website development is an exciting time, after all your company is getting a brand new facelift. Most focus on the look and feel, the visual aspects of real estate website development. And while the look and feel is important, if you do not do your due diligence when selecting the developer, you could end up with a beautiful looking website that fails to perform well in the search engines or provide your visitors with an engaging experience. Real Estate Website Development: Beauty Only Gets You So Far Anyone could hire 10 different real estate website developers and they Read more