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As recently as 2008, real estate companies reported that few clients found their businesses by searching for the business online. In the past five years yard signs, business cards, and expensive advertising such as the yellow pages and television ads have taken a back seat to the express train called search engine optimization (real estate SEO). Conducted by WAV Group, the 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study confirmed that over 33 percent of visitors to broker websites found the websites by using Google’s powerful search engine. Google sets the gold standard for real estate SEO, however brokers can also increase online Read more

Learn how to create influence, impact & income from your real estate company website webinar replay. High impact checklist; become the local Zillow. Read more

Most brokers or real estate company decision makers desire local real estate sales marketplace domination. And this makes sense. After all, real estate is a local business and to close transactions a real estate company needs to increase local real estate sales to be as profitable as possible. There are two unquestionable factors  regarding local real estate sales: Buyers use the internet more than any other resource to search for property for sale. Buyers continually demand more… they want beyond the basic home search tools; they want more advanced property search solutions. Based upon these two know facts, understanding how to increase Read more

We all know the enormous advantages associated with good real estate SEO. Today getting found on Google when home buyers search for property for sale in your company’s market place could mean the difference between your brokerage closing a transaction verses your competitors. Top 2 Reasons Hosting a Blog Outside of Your Company Real Estate Website is Dangerous You’ll Work Harder for Lost Results Real estate SEO begins with your website. It is your Google lifeline. Every web page, article, video, PDF document uploaded and displayed on your website should be used to generate value for your online web visitors, Read more

However, I just finished watching a webinar that explained how bragging can help tell a story. In my case…  stories about “real estate web marketing” results generated for companies that have put their trust me in when developing  their company real estate website or hiring me for my real estate SEO services. So today, I decided to take a chance and brag a little. There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction then saving my clients money and time by producing real estate web marketing results they were unable to obtain prior. I have added real value to their business.  Read more

How Do You Know if Google HATES, LIKES or LOVES Your Real Estate Website? There are many ways to determine if your real estate website is SEO friendly (aka Google loves your website). I am going to share with you one simple and quick way to find out. Before We Begin… Why Does it Matter if Google LOVES Your Real Estate Website or Not? This is an easy one. Buyers and sellers search Google to find real estate listings and real estate companies. The statistics are staggering and unless you have been isolated from everything that pertains to marketing for real estate, Read more

Real estate website development is an exciting time, after all your company is getting a brand new facelift. Most focus on the look and feel, the visual aspects of real estate website development. And while the look and feel is important, if you do not do your due diligence when selecting the developer, you could end up with a beautiful looking website that fails to perform well in the search engines or provide your visitors with an engaging experience. Real Estate Website Development: Beauty Only Gets You So Far Anyone could hire 10 different real estate website developers and they Read more

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Recently it came to my attention a company that develops and hosts websites for well respected real estate companies has decided to separate the blog from the companies website. As an explanation they stated this would enhance the Brokers website. What???  What 1 Real Estate Website Vendor Wants You to Believe Real estate blogging is not an important tool designed to enhance a broker’s online performance. Real Estate Blogging: the Right Way Real Estate Blogging: The Why Google loves fresh, original and useful content. A real estate blog is an easy way to publish content that does just that. It’s not a secret, when Google loves Read more

Understanding Real Estate SEO: From the Ground Up The What: Laying a Solid Foundation Similar to building a house, the foundation or how a website is structurally built can impact real estate SEO aka online marketing outcomes. A house built on a solid foundation can enhance the longevity and overall beauty of any building, but if laid incorrectly it can become unstable. The same applies to a real estate company website. If the website is not built using SEO best practices, the website’s foundation is not sturdy and trying to climb to the top of search rankings can be more Read more

The What: Real Estate Local for Company Websites When a search is done on Google, within fractions of a second, Google analyzes its indexed pages and returns results it feels best fit the intention of the searcher. Because real estate is a business that is local centric, there are specific website tactics a company can employ to increase its local internet marketing exposure by communicating with Google targeted cities, towns, communities and neighborhoods a real estate company services. There are numerous ways to communicate with Google, and help Google understand what your content is about and what locale you do business Read more

Today, it is not a secret that home buyers begin their property searches online. When a real estate company website exceeds web visitors expectations there are numerous benefits. Google Shares: Real Estate SEO Tips While this video is slightly technical, it provides brokers with an insider peek behind their companies real estate website from a SEO perspective, or should I say Google’s perspective? Real Estate SEO Tips Straight from Google Real Estate Website Optimization Takeaways Does Your Real Estate Website Satisfy Your Audience’s Needs? In addition to selling more homes there are other advantageous benefits often not associated with a Read more

The Digital House Hunt: A NAR and Google Collaboration This recent report uncovers the trends and usage of digital media among real estate buyers by two of the top leaders. Many Insightful Takeaways for Real Estate Brokers The timing of this report could not have not been better. While we are preparing for the big realWITS reveal, a lot of time has been devoted to preparing useful information to educate Brokers about real estate SEO. What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Over the past 4 plus years I have had the pleasure of speaking with many real estate brokers about their SEO needs. Most Read more