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Mastering Online Real Estate Marketing Truths For nearly 10 years, I have had the great fortune to speak with and work with some of the greatest people I know, about growing their businesses…. real estate brokers. These engagements and conversation have primarily focused around online marketing. After all, what business would not financially benefit from an authoritative online presence?  10 years ago, most brokers were reluctant to invest in online marketing as a viable tool to accomplish ongoing business duties such as recruiting and retaining top agents, growing brand recognition and increasing sales.  In an attempt to provide evidence, validation and change their Read more

Real Estate Online Marketing Success; the Truth be Told

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Special Webinar Announcement: Reserve Spot Below ↓ “Learn How to SkyRocket Real Estate Online Marketing Success.”   Complete Form to Reserve Your Spot Now ↓     Webinar Date and Time> Mon, Jan 13, 2014 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST This real estate online marketing webinar will change the way you think about online marketing for your real estate business forever.

2013 flew by. What did you hope to accomplish in 2013? Was real estate online marketing part of your 2013 growth plan? Did your real estate online marketing at minimum meet your expectations? Did you exceed your expectations? Today, what constitutes a successful year for real estate companies? Because I believe a real estate companies #1 asset is their website (I have ranted about this before!) analysing online real estate marketing outcomes should be an intrical success measurement for 2013. Real estate online marketing inevitably is the very best method to distinguishing what qualifies as a winning strategy for the upcoming year, 2014. How did your Real Read more

As recently as 2008, real estate companies reported that few clients found their businesses by searching for the business online. In the past five years yard signs, business cards, and expensive advertising such as the yellow pages and television ads have taken a back seat to the express train called search engine optimization (real estate SEO). Conducted by WAV Group, the 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study confirmed that over 33 percent of visitors to broker websites found the websites by using Google’s powerful search engine. Google sets the gold standard for real estate SEO, however brokers can also increase online Read more

Introducing… a  Neighborhood Real Estate Marketing Website ↓ Get A Brand-New Website for Realtors Who Want to Become the True Neighborhood Realtor of Choice And… it is super easy to get started. After you complete the form below you will be sent to Paypal. Then the fun begins. We will work with you to customize your neighborhood real estate marketing website and get it launched quickly. There’s many features we have included to make this the very best real estate neighborhood marketing and sales investment possible.       HURRY! Special Introduction Neighborhood Real Estate Website Offer Ends in Exactly…

In less than five years, social media has emerged as one of the most important online marketing methods for real estate brokers to promote their websites. According to the Broker Website Effectiveness Study in 2008, social media had no impact on driving traffic to broker websites. The study conducted by WAV in 2013 concluded that social media drives over five percent of overall traffic to Realtor websites. As with the Fountain of Youth, a little taste of social media marketing can go a long way towards promoting your broker website. Broker Websites + Social Media = Online Marketing Success The 2013 WAV Read more

Real estate internet marketing with google

One thing is certain about real estate internet marketing, nothing stays the same. To stay relevant and top of mind online, real estate internet marketers must stay current and implement the latest best practices. There are numerous online resources real estate buyers and sellers flock to for information. But there is no denial, Google is the giant. Having an authoritative search ranking position on Google for keyword phrases and search terms related to a real estate company’s marketplace can have a direct correlation with closed sale transaction numbers. Mastering Real Estate Internet “Google” Marketing How Google determines which web page Read more

Real estate online marketing sales

Free. Watch the Webinar Replay “How to Influence Real Estate Sales” in 1 Hour  I show you how to create: online influence online impact and online income The three “i” I refer to in this webinar can be obtained once you use my actionable checklist. Influencing Online Real Estate Sales Webinar Playback Agenda The following hot topics that impact online real estate sales covered include… Real Estate SEO Real Estate Web Design Real Estate Web Technologies Real Estate IDX Why Controlling Your Real Estate Website Matters This popular webinar is now available to watch on demand, so grab a cup Read more

Learn how to create influence, impact & income from your real estate company website webinar replay. High impact checklist; become the local Zillow. Read more

You have an Opportunity to be the Very Best Real Estate Website.  A highly insightful video from Reddit and Hipmunk (my favorite travel search website!) founder, Alexis Ohanian.  I had to share this Google 4 Entrepreneurs video. Every minute is filled with inspirational, action packed takeaways to make your website better than anyone else. I would have paid thousands of dollars for this motivating educational video. Kutos Alexis! Enjoy. TIP! Brokers & company real estate decision makers: Every time he mentions startups exchange that text with real estate websites.

Most brokers or real estate company decision makers desire local real estate sales marketplace domination. And this makes sense. After all, real estate is a local business and to close transactions a real estate company needs to increase local real estate sales to be as profitable as possible. There are two unquestionable factors  regarding local real estate sales: Buyers use the internet more than any other resource to search for property for sale. Buyers continually demand more… they want beyond the basic home search tools; they want more advanced property search solutions. Based upon these two know facts, understanding how to increase Read more

I personally want to invite you to attend a free real estate web marketing educational webinar. In one hour we will tackle critical company real estate website elements that have a high impact on profitable real estate web marketing. Read more

However, I just finished watching a webinar that explained how bragging can help tell a story. In my case…  stories about “real estate web marketing” results generated for companies that have put their trust me in when developing  their company real estate website or hiring me for my real estate SEO services. So today, I decided to take a chance and brag a little. There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction then saving my clients money and time by producing real estate web marketing results they were unable to obtain prior. I have added real value to their business.  Read more

Real Estate Online Marketing Tell All; Real Trends 2012 Online Performance Study Reaction Special Note: This is my response to the Real Trend Real Estate Online Marketing 2012 study as it relates to conversations I have had with brokers who have inquired about my real estate SEO services or a SEO optimized real estate website. When I first read it because it hit a nerve.   Below is my reaction. As a real estate SEO consultant, over the past 5 plus years I have spoken to many brokers about their real estate SEO needs, online marketing and their website. Read more

This educational series titled Smarter Real Estate Company websites is brought to you by me, Randi Thornton, founder of realWITS and also known online as the SEO Google Guru. Helping Brokers with Intelligent Internet Marketing by Examining the Real Estate Company Website I have been fortunate enough be the SEO consultant for some of the greatest real estate companies. During the course of this time it became apparent to me that “what Realtors don’t know can hurt them.” Brokers and real estate company owners are confused about internet marketing best practices as it pertains to their website, which I truly believe should Read more

The full press release can be read here. It Is Official! Brokers Have New Website Alternatives At the core of the realWITS mission is a desire to educate Brokers about how to make a company real estate website the very best it can be. I believe a website is the foundation to all real estate online marketing strategies. Without a solid foundation, online marketing becomes more challenging. Open Forum & Support Discusses Best Practices realWITS has taken on this challenge and will be educating Brokers with two new support systems. What have been your biggest online marketing, real estate SEO or social media challenges? We want to Read more