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How to Use Social Media to Generate Broker Website Prominence

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In less than five years, social media has emerged as one of the most important online marketing methods for real estate brokers to promote their websites. According to the Broker Website Effectiveness Study in 2008, social media had no impact on driving traffic to broker websites. The study conducted by WAV in 2013 concluded that social media drives over five percent of overall traffic to Realtor websites.

As with the Fountain of Youth, a little taste of social media marketing can go a long way towards promoting your broker website.

Broker Websites + Social Media = Online Marketing Success

The 2013 WAV study found that by far, Facebook represents the most significant source of online traffic for broker websites. Surprisingly, many brokers do not Tweet listings on Twitter. Instead, they use the social bookmarking site Pinterest to display images of available real estate properties. Pinterest also allows home-buyers to share images with friends and family.

Property buyers and sellers appear to market more effectively via social media than brokers and real estate companies. WAV’s Brokers Website Effectiveness Study concluded that the most effective way for real estate companies to market through social media involves allowing clients to share listing information from a brokers website to consumers personal social media pages.

Consumers who upload real estate company linked images on Pinterest or post link listing information on Facebook have more influence on driving traffic to a broker website.

Today’s Economical Way to Promote a Broker Website

The depressed housing market, combined with lower personal incomes has negatively affected the profitability of many real estate brokerages.

This means real estate brokers need to come up with innovative online marketing strategies to drive traffic to their websites. By following social media marketing trends, brokers can start driving more traffic to their company website.


Although WAV states in its latest study that Facebook drives more traffic to a broker website than any other social media tool, brokers also need to develop a cogent Google+ social media online marketing strategy. Google+ allows real estate companies to collect personal information, such as demographics and locations. More important, Google+ is moving towards a “one size fit all” social media model that should save brokers marketing time and money.

Imagine No More Brochures is Good for Business

Real Estate Brokers have historically presented listings in brochure formats.

In 2013, we witnessed the breakthrough of image-centric social media sites that include Pinterest, Tumblr and Slideshare. Image centric social media sites should appeal to all brokers that desire a visual online marketing platform for showcasing and displaying their property listings. Realtors can share photos of their properties drawing a  new audience back to the broker website. 

Smaller, Shorter & Time Saver Social Trends

While videos are hot, hot, hot and excellent for real estate online marketing, today brokers do not need to create long videos to highlight listings in an effort to drive traffic to a broker website, gain listing exposure and connect socially. With the advent of apps such as Twitter’s Vine, brokers can present a list of properties available for sale by shooting six seconds of footage for each property. Potential clients can easily download still images captured from the micro videos. 

How to Build a Smarter Real Estate Broker Website

At it’s core, realWits was developed to help brokers build websites that drive traffic in the most efficient way.

In our on-going effort to provide “smarter” broker websites, we provide a web analytics app that determines the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies. This insightful data eliminates guess work and makes it easier for brokers to work smarter by reviewing traffic sources and other relevant facts.

Could Web Analytics Help Your Broker Website Get Smarter?
Understanding a broker websites online marketing strengthens and weakness does not need to be difficult. Contact realWITS to learn more and start working smarter today.



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