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How to Avoid Search Ranking Disasters for Property Listings

How to Avoid Search Ranking Disasters for Property Listings

A real estate website developer is a person or company employed by the real estate Company that deploys a vast amount of geeky web coding that makes up what you, I or a website visitors sees when they visit the website. While the look and feel of a real estate website is important from a visitor’s experience and usability perspective, it is often the coding behind that geeky coding that ultimately determines how real estate SEO friendly the website is. Another words, will Google and others crawl, index and add important web pages to their search results. Today, it’s no Read more

Real estate online marketing sales

Learn How to Influence Online Real Estate Sales this Weekend

Free. Watch the Webinar Replay “How to Influence Real Estate Sales” in 1 Hour  I show you how to create: online influence online impact and online income The three “i” I refer to in this webinar can be obtained once you use my actionable checklist. Influencing Online Real Estate Sales Webinar Playback Agenda The following hot topics that impact online real estate sales covered include… Real Estate SEO Real Estate Web Design Real Estate Web Technologies Real Estate IDX Why Controlling Your Real Estate Website Matters This popular webinar is now available to watch on demand, so grab a cup Read more

Influential Real Estate Web Development that Avoids Lost Online Sales.

To increase online profitability, brokers and real estate company decision makers must partner with a real estate web development company that constantly revolutionizes. Read more

Create Online Influence, Impact and Income for Real Estate Brokers & Companies

To be or not to be… that is the question. Do you want your company real estate website to have online "Zillow like" traits? Read more

Real Estate Website Design: Create Property Detail Pages that Convert into Closings

A property detail page on a company real estate website can have a direct impact on a prospective buyer’s decision to want to see more. Read more

Real Estate Online Sales: Creating Influence, Impact & Income Webinar Replay

Learn how to create influence, impact & income from your real estate company website webinar replay. High impact checklist; become the local Zillow. Read more

Solve Real Estate Website Problems & Do It Better than Anyone Else Video

You have an Opportunity to be the Very Best Real Estate Website.  A highly insightful video from Reddit and Hipmunk (my favorite travel search website!) founder, Alexis Ohanian.  I had to share this Google 4 Entrepreneurs video. Every minute is filled with inspirational, action packed takeaways to make your website better than anyone else. I would have paid thousands of dollars for this motivating educational video. Kutos Alexis! Enjoy. TIP! Brokers & company real estate decision makers: Every time he mentions startups exchange that text with real estate websites.

Local Real Estate Sales: Crafting Online Neighborhood Domination

Most brokers or real estate company decision makers desire local real estate sales marketplace domination. And this makes sense. After all, real estate is a local business and to close transactions a real estate company needs to increase local real estate sales to be as profitable as possible. There are two unquestionable factors  regarding local real estate sales: Buyers use the internet more than any other resource to search for property for sale. Buyers continually demand more… they want beyond the basic home search tools; they want more advanced property search solutions. Based upon these two know facts, understanding how to increase Read more

Real Estate Web Marketing Just Like Zillow: Special Webinar

I personally want to invite you to attend a free real estate web marketing educational webinar. In one hour we will tackle critical company real estate website elements that have a high impact on profitable real estate web marketing. Read more

Real Estate Web Design EBook

The All-In-One Real Estate Web Design Handbook

Real estate web design EBook: How to become the local Zillow. Savvy real estate companies use web design to convert visitors into closed transactions. Read more

Real Estate SEO 101: Disconnecting Blog from Website is Harmful

We all know the enormous advantages associated with good real estate SEO. Today getting found on Google when home buyers search for property for sale in your company’s market place could mean the difference between your brokerage closing a transaction verses your competitors. Top 2 Reasons Hosting a Blog Outside of Your Company Real Estate Website is Dangerous You’ll Work Harder for Lost Results Real estate SEO begins with your website. It is your Google lifeline. Every web page, article, video, PDF document uploaded and displayed on your website should be used to generate value for your online web visitors, Read more

Boastful Real Estate Web Marketing: A Success Story

However, I just finished watching a webinar that explained how bragging can help tell a story. In my case…  stories about “real estate web marketing” results generated for companies that have put their trust me in when developing  their company real estate website or hiring me for my real estate SEO services. So today, I decided to take a chance and brag a little. There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction then saving my clients money and time by producing real estate web marketing results they were unable to obtain prior. I have added real value to their business.  Read more

Real Estate Mobile Marketing: Website App & Design Essential Guide

Today real estate companies need to masterfully design a real estate website to draw in, engage and convert web visitors to buyers and sellers. However that is not enough to effectively capture the whole targeted audience.  Real Estate Mobile Marketing: How Technology Connects Home Buyers On the Go In early 2013 two industry leaders came together and conducted a survey to better understand the evolving role of digital media in the consumer home search process. NAR’S and Google’s findings are not surprising, but for those who need hard facts to support investing in real estate mobile technologies, the results are Read more

An Opinionated Real Estate Online Marketing Tell All

Real Estate Online Marketing Tell All; Real Trends 2012 Online Performance Study Reaction Special Note: This is my response to the Real Trend Real Estate Online Marketing 2012 study as it relates to conversations I have had with brokers who have inquired about my real estate SEO services or a SEO optimized real estate website. When I first read it because it hit a nerve.   Below is my reaction. As a real estate SEO consultant, over the past 5 plus years I have spoken to many brokers about their real estate SEO needs, online marketing and their website. Read more

Real Estate Web Design: Giants, Google & Spying. Oh My!

Real Estate Web Design>>> Will They Stay or Will They Go? The design of any real estate should accomplish these goals: Instantly establish credibility. Increase brand awareness. Allow a visitor to quickly find what they came for. Engage with relevant information so they return. A strong call to action for lead capture. When designing a company real estate website, the broker or a staff person is normally assigned the task of coming up with a desired layout. As I speak with real estate company owners most are really excited about their website design, after all they played a key role Read more

To Dominate a Local Real Estate Market – You Must Become the Online Neighborhood Connoisseur

It’s not a secret, today more than ever, home buyers search for active listings online. To become the local online go to resource a real estate web design must satisfy and provide prospective buyers with more than just the standard property search functionality most commonly associated with a real estate website. To fully engage and offer meaningful information a real estate web design must purposefully be constructed to help buyers determine if the neighborhood and communities they are looking for properties in coincides with their desired lifestyle expectations. Location, Location, Location is a Common Real Estate Phrase Why does this Read more

What is a “Smarter” Real Estate Website? Intelligence Determines ROI.

There are many features that make a real estate website "smart." Powerful examples worth paying attention to generate biggest online marketing ROI. Read more

Real Estate Website Design & Lead Generation

The purpose of a real estate website is to generate sales leads. Fact! Online real estate leads are generated when the website is designed to capture leads. Read more

Real Estate Website Design: IDX & Property Displays Do’s & Don’ts

Real Estate Website Design: Property Search   Part 2 of a 3 part series IDX (Internet Data Exchange) uses a type of data feed provided by your MLS membership to display information about real estate for sale on a website. This data feed typically mirrors the data available on your MLS’s website. If your MLS provides access to this data feed, you may use that access to promote all listings on your website, not just your featured listings. It is an IDX vendor or company that has technology allowing property search functionality, property detail pages plus more on a real Read more

How Real Estate Website Design Influences Sales Numbers

Real Estate Website Design: An Insight to “Smarter” Problem You want to be the #1 online most popular resource for your local real estate marketplace but don’t know how or where to begin to make this happen. I am not going to quote numbers and tell you why it is important to be found on Google when a home buyer or sellers searches for real estate for sale or a real estate company in your local marketplace. We all know online search is where people go to for information and services. Being listed on the top of Google for search Read more