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Crafting the Very Best Broker Real Estate Websites

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Attracting visitors to your broker real estate company website is akin to placing an inviting welcome mat at the doorstep of your office. However, before online visitors can cross your virtual welcome mat, you must grab their attention in an online world filled with noise.

The Best Broker Real Estate Websites Attract & Engage Prospective Buyers / Sellers and Convert Them Into Sales

One of the easiest and most cost effective activities today to attract and engage with prospective buyers and sellers is to create digital content that converts the visitors to your website into new clients. The key for converting website visitors into new clients (and sales!) involves establishing trust, professional credibility and providing truly compelling valuable content relevant to your prospective buyers and sellers.

best broker real estate websites

Best Broker Real Estate Websites are Expertise Content Driven

Writing regularly published blog posts that address original, yet informative real estate topics is a great method to attract and engage with prospective client for your real estate company.

Blog posts should help your website visitors solve problems and answer questions about topics that are timely and relevant to your locality. For example, you could write “How to…” posts on topics topics such as “How to list your home online that grabs international buyers attention” or “How to avoid open house disasters during winter months.” Your blog writing objective is to pique the interest of prospective buyers and sellers, so they contact you for more information.

Ask the Expert

As an established broker, you and your agents have acquired the acumen to address myriad real estate topics. Why not put that expertise on display by hosting an “Ask the Expert” web page.  This type of originality creates the best broker real estate websites.

You can answer tax, home improvement, and home permit questions in a format that helps you build trust and credibility among your online visitors. The best part of this format is even though the visitor to your website asks the question, dozens of other visitors benefit from your responses and answers. 

Another enormous benefit captured by using this Ask the Expert tactic is real estate SEO. Google and other major search engines love fresh valuable content. Your visitors help you create fresh content by the questions they ask. These questions are content! Your answers are also content. Now there is no more excuses for not keeping up with the ongoing content creation challenge.

“Face Connection” Showtime!

Add a “face connection” to make your broker real estate website the very best and differentiate yours from others.

The ultimate way to garner face recognition is to create videos that build trust and credibility. Upload YouTube videos that demonstrate the most important factors involved in selling or homes. Employ the interview format to provide useful information to potential home buyers. One of the ways to create the best broker real estate website is to build rapport by using a form of popular digital media such as video to highlight your agents knowledge and expertise.

 Is Your Broker Real Estate Website the Best it Can Be?

There are many elements that make up the perfect online welcome mat. We want to hear from you… let us know what you have done to accomplish more online sales for 2014.

And as always, realWITS is dedicated to providing the very best broker real estate websites. Will yours be next?



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