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How to Avoid Real Estate Internet Marketing Disasters

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One thing is certain about real estate internet marketing, nothing stays the same. To stay relevant and top of mind online, real estate internet marketers must stay current and implement the latest best practices.


There are numerous online resources real estate buyers and sellers flock to for information. But there is no denial, Google is the giant. Having an authoritative search ranking position on Google for keyword phrases and search terms related to a real estate company’s marketplace can have a direct correlation with closed sale transaction numbers.

Mastering Real Estate Internet “Google” Marketing

How Google determines which web page to display in its search results is determined by its algorithm. According to Wikipedia  an algorithm is used by the Google web search engine to rank websites in their search engine results. Other words, is your website or web pages worthy of a first page ranking?

Google does not normally publically announce every time there is a new algorithmic change or update that will alter how they determine the order websites appear in search results. Experts believe there are over 200 changes annually. According to MOZ there have been 14 major changes in 2013 thus far with Hummingbird being the most recent. 

Each and every Google algorithmic modification, no matter how big or how small, will affect real estate internet marketing outcomes.

Adverse or Positive Real Estate Internet Marketing? 

On or around August 20th 2013 Google’s most major algorithm change occurred and it is referred to as “Hummingbird.” If you do not believe this change will affect your real estate marketing, it is important to note, according to Wired this adjustment represents the biggest change to Google since 2001 and affects 90% of all searches.

Hummingbird will influence real estate internet marketing today and for months to come.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Changes are Inevitable

As people become more familiar with online search, their queries change over time. Google is constantly trying to improve the search results that are displayed by listing the most relevant web pages.

Was your company real estate website affected by Google’s most recent algorithmic change?

For reliable data to learn how your company website was affected by real estate internet marketing during Google’s Hummingbird update, view your website analytics. Do you notice an unexplained decrease or increase in website traffic on or around August 20th to the 22nd of 2013?

realWITS Quality Real Estate Internet Marketing Tips

No one can predict how or when the next major Google change will occur. But change is inevitable. Here are a few real estate internet marketing tips we have used to avoid unwanted search ranking consequences.

Be certain your real estate internet marketer can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Does your website provide content that answers common property buyer and sellers questions?
  • Do you create a variety of online digital media that is engaging such as videos, info graphics or tutorials?
  • Does your website regularly publish informative content that guides and educates buyers and sellers?
  • Is it easy for web visitors to share your content socially?
  • Do you support your community by offering local new topics and highlighting local events?
Is Your Website Suffering from Google's Changes?
Learn if your website uses internet marketing best practices or needs alternatives to stay ahead of Google’s algorithmic updates.

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