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1 Very Effective Real Estate SEO Tactic for 2014

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As recently as 2008, real estate companies reported that few clients found their businesses by searching for the business online. In the past five years yard signs, business cards, and expensive advertising such as the yellow pages and television ads have taken a back seat to the express train called search engine optimization (real estate SEO).

real_estate_seo_broker_websiteConducted by WAV Group, the 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study confirmed that over 33 percent of visitors to broker websites found the websites by using Google’s powerful search engine. Google sets the gold standard for real estate SEO, however brokers can also increase online exposure and target potential clients who search for local Realtor services by learning from today’s hottest trends.

My Insider Real Estate SEO Under Utilized Tactic

It’s Video. Before you decide not to listen.. Read on.

Developing a cogent real estate SEO strategy must encompass a variety of ethical on-going strategies. And one of the most practical, yet under utilized SEO strategies for brokers to consider involves combining the magic of video for 3 very good reasons.

Satisfying One of Google’s Most Effective Real Estate SEO Tactics: Fresh Content

You hear a lot about trendy internet marketing concepts, but one concept is here to stay. Google rewards real estate websites that produces fresh, relevant content. However, producing compelling real estate website content does not exclusively involve lengthy written text.

Today, YouTube has surpassed both Yahoo and Bing and is the second most popular search engine which grew by 20 percent during 2010. 

If YouTube is the second largest search engine, what can we learn from this knowledge?

People like to watch and consume videos!

Video can be one of the most influential pieces of fresh content produced today.

Video Expands Online Exposure (the Purpose of Real Estate SEO!)

When videos are properly SEO optimized, they tend to receive greater online publicity because…

  • A video displayed in Google’s search results is more likely to get clicked on.
  • People search exclusively for videos on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • A video can rank high to the the second largest online search engine, YouTube.

Special Real Estate SEO Tip!

After creating a video and adding it to your broker website, upload it to your branded YouTube channel. You do have a branded, optimized YouTube channel, right?

More Advantages of Using Video to Impact Real Estate SEO 

Did you know Google knows how long a visitor stays on your website? Did you know that Google rewards websites when visitors stay longer?

Why does Google care how long someone stays on a brokers website?

Think about it this way. It is fairly easy to draw the conclusion that when people tend to linger longer there is content that satisfies the visitors needs. Wouldn’t common sense tell you that it is in Google’s best interest to provide people with the best search results that satisfy visitors queries?

The good news is, websites that incorporate valuable video into their content, tend to also increase the amount of time people spend, by increasing engagement. 

Visitor Time Spent on Website Stats

  1. On average, website visitors spend about 90 seconds on text driven websites.
  2. Websites that present videos maintain visitor presence for another 90 seconds.

Since acquiring YouTube, Google has added complicated algorithm elements that reward websites that present video content into their web page structures because of influencing factors such as time spent on a website.

How Brokers Can Get the Most Out of Video Content Marketing

Using video content marketing for real estate SEO is one of the very best methods to get found online because of user demand and technological breakthroughs that make it easier for anyone, including brokers to  produce quality effective real estate marketing.

You do not need to hire Steven Spielberg to produce Google friendly real estate website videos. YouTube offers you a convenient way to promote all of your real estate company’s property listings, services, neighborhood knowledge plus more.

By utilizing slide screens and fluid video production, you can display available property for a few seconds and allow website visitors to freeze individual properties to obtain additional information. Since many home buyers search by neighborhood, make sure to include neighborhood keywords in the content.

Beyond the Obvious Video Creation Ideas

Use video content marketing for real estate SEO by producing short “How to…” videos that educate, provide value and keep your broker website visitors engaged longer while creating credibility, branding and online loyalty.

The “How to…” videos can include topics such as “How to Value a Home” and “How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for Your Family etc.”

Jump Start Your Real Estate SEO with Video Content Marketing Today

There is no clearer way to say it: to maximize online exposure, a broker’s website must adhere to today real estate SEO best practices. Incorporating video content marketing to attract potential clients and close sales is one effective tactic to accomplish optimal results. offers a free SEO audit for brokers to determine if their current website contains content that utilizes real estate SEO and online marketing best practice. 

Find out if your real estate website content prevents...
your real estate company from attracting and converting potential home buyers to your website.

Your broker website may look attractive on the outside, but like people, it’s what’s inside that matters.

How has video impacted your real estate SEO?




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